Im On Fire
2014 Bay Colt by Tanzeln out of Im A Copper Girl (OSB) Trakehner mare.

                                   OKLAHOMA 2010 INSPECTIONS BEING HELD AT
                                                                           BRIDLEWOOD EQUESTRIAN, OKC

Thoroughbreds, Arabians and Trakehners

Thoroughbreds and Arabians are valued bloodlines in the history of Trakehner horses. If your Thoroughbred or Arabian mare is approved by the ATA for breeding and bred to an ATA approved Trakehner stallion, the product will be eligible for registry in the main studbood (purebred).  


Why inspect my thoroughbred or Arabian mare?
 If your mare is inspected and approved by the ATA (American Trakehner Association), she is entered in the Permanent Stud Book.  If she is bred to an ATA approved Trakehner stallion, the foal is registered as a 100% American Trakehner.

What will the inspectors look for in my mare?  
Conformation.  (They will look for a nice long neck, (not too thick), good long and strong pasterns (not down on pasterns too much and not too upright), a nice 45-degree slope to the shoulder and a nice deep hip.  Basically the same thing you will look for in a good hunter-jumper.  A good tight throatlatch is a plus because a thick throatlatch will impair the ability to move up into the bit in dressage.

Gait.  A lot of thoroughbreds already have the nice floating suspension of a warmblood and then there are some who do not.  As an owner, you probably already know if your mare has impulsion or not.  

What if my mare is lame from an old injury?
If the mare is injured and the injury impairs her movement, the inspector will take that into consideration and try to look beyond it.  If you can get any veterinary documentation that the horse was injured, such as old x-rays, etc, it will carry weight with the inspection committee.

What do I need to do to participate in the inspection.
You must be a member of the ATA (they currently are waiving membership fees for first time members.

Nominate your mare.  Here is a link to the mare inspection application page. (The cost will be $200.00)

Your mare must be DNA'd, but most likely the JC has the DNA on file. If you notify the JC that you are the owner of the mare, then the ATA will send a request for DNA to them and it will cost you nothing.  You can notify the JC of your ownership online.  
Sign up with Equiline and get a user name and password for free:
After you have your user name and log in, chose the Transfer Ownership tab (that also is free)

The ATA will need a complete summary of her race record from Equiline and an extended pedigree.  (Equiline currently has a catalog style pedigree that they are promoting for free).  

What is the cost to me?   $200 for the ATA inspection, DNA cost of $60 unless the ATA can get the DNA from the Jockey Club or Arabian Association.  



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