RFF Abracadabra
We are pleased to have acquired RFF Abracadabra, a 2013 Jockey Club cremello colt (Magic Mike).  Magic was bred by Linda Milam and we are thankful that she allowed us to purchase him!  We plan to start him in sporthorse disciplines in 2018 and present him for approval.  

RFF Abracadabra (Magic Mike) is by Twentyfour Kt Gold out of Lissas Gold Legacy by Glitter Please.   

We are doubly pleased that Magic Mike cannot produce a smokey black.  He is homozygous for the agouti modifier, which confines any expression of black to the mane, tail and legs...

Magic competed in his first eventing trial in November 2018 and in the HJOE Fall Finale.  He did place 3rd in the TIP puddle jumper (2.9 to 2.11) class in a field of 9.  

 Magic at the Tulsa Fall Finale November 2018

 Schooling Jumping


RFF Abracadabra at Texas Rose Horse Park

RFF Abracadabra at Texas Rose Horse Park

Magic is  homozygous for agouti, meaning he cannot produce a smokey black.  Foals from black and bay mares will either be buckskin or palomino.